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Bryan Cranston Nails Audition Mindset

Whether you know him as a high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin, father of Malcolm, or Jerry Seinfeld’s dentist, Bryan Cranston is, without question, one of the greatest and most successful actors the world has ever known.  With the greatest series in the history of television and/or history, Breaking Bad, recently coming to a close, Bryan Cranston put on an acting masterclass each and every week as Walter White.  The magnificent depth he gave to his character, the masterful attention to detail he communicated throughout Heisenberg’s arc over the 62 episodes and the exquisitely organic collaboration he had on-screen with his fellow cast mates has no equal in the industry.  Bryan Cranston is indeed Classic Coke to everyone else’s tepid, off-brand, generic cola.

Bryan Cranston as Walter White

Bryan Cranston as Walter White (photo: AMC)

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